“[Aaron] stood out among his peers with his sharp analysis and strong communication skills. I've kept in close touch with Aaron since he took our class, relying on him for research on both individual players and teams. He's always responsive and thorough--going above and beyond my requests. “
Aaron has a strong eye for talent and understands how to mix analytics with the intangibles to assess a player and project his outcome on the pro level. I introduced him to several NBA executives during the NBA Summer League in 2021, and he made a good impression on all of them. Aaron also is willing to do all the work. He does not look for shortcuts or expect anyone to give him anything. It's that attitude that attracted me to him.
"Aaron is one of the hardest workers I have ever worked with in this industry. His ability to juggle multiple tasks is impressive, and his organization and determination helped UNLTD Sports Group run the most successful draft process the agency has had in its short tenure."
[Aaron] has a comprehensive understanding of the professional side of basketball that he has been able to develop through passion, hard work, and being a sponge for the information. He has portrayed some of this knowledge in his work with Silver Waves Media, during his NBA Draft combine work with an agency, during his time with Tulane men's basketball, and more.He talks and approaches the coverage the way a veteran NBA executive would in my opinion.
“Aaron interned for our company and regularly displayed a level of talent, intellect, curiosity and reliability uncommon for a college student. He created stat packages, video highlights and analysis and was always available around the clock to take on any job, big or small.”
"I met Aaron last summer in a gym in Miami during the pre-draft process. What separates Aaron from many scouting services is he's actually in the gym and evaluating prospects in person. He has the eye for talent and work ethic, and he will be a major player in this industry sooner than later.” ​