The Warm-Up Newsletter

We are happy to introduce the Warm-Up! The Warm-Up is agents’ go-to weekly newsletter highlighting all necessary information in the NBA to better serve their clients. Each week in your inbox, you can have the following:

  1. A chart of roster spots that are open in the NBA, G-League, and a growing amount of International Teams
  2. The cap situation for each team going into that week
  3. Weekly Cap Related articles
  4. Access to players looking for representation and their scouting reports done by AP S&C and,
  5. Other rumors from around the league.

Check out the latest version here:

From an open roster spot tracker to a list of players looking for representation that I work with, this will be a vital tool for NBA agents everywhere. First and foremost, I decided to do this because I want to help as many players as possible. Helping agents get necessary information like this, in turn, helps the players receive better representation and their deserved attention & market value. Please reach out if you are interested in subscribing or even just connecting! or 973-820-5098.

-Aaron, Founder

Contact Me Directly through the contact page to talk about this newsletter or anything else!

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